HUNGAROTEX Foreign Trading Co. Ltd.

HUNGAROTEX Foreign Trading Ltd.

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HUNGAROTEX Foreign Trading Co. Ltd.
A unique group with outstanding potential

Forward-looking and innovative are qualities that we pride ourselves on.

Welcome to the introduction of the HUNGAROTEX Foreign Trading Co. Ltd., an export trading group of companies. It is one of the oldest Hungarian Brands with its roots dating back to 1946.

Our goal is to help millions of people prosper by enabling them to have fuller lives and access high-value European goods and products. We provide our customers solutions that matter - reliable and high quality European products. We carry out this mission by discovering opportunities, developing and marketing goods with European Partners such as Manufacturers and Universities.

HUNGAROTEX is a proven successful trading company on several industrial fields, opening its affiliates in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Egypt, Russia, Belarus and 3 countries in Latin America.

Our success comes from having a clear vision. We have divisional and business teams with strong operational skills who put customers at the heart of all we do. Combined with a corporate team, skilled in acquiring and integrating businesses and in managing our finances. Our innovative power comes from dozens of scientists in several European Universities.

To list a few: Agribusiness, Water treatment, Defense, Electronics, Machinery, 3D printing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. We have well defined performance measures and strong expert team.


Looking to the year ahead we are planning for state and private consumer demand to be booming as we seek ways to contain growth in several industrial sectors. During the upcoming 2-4 years we will make substantial capital investments particularly in our sales-distribution network and supporting infrastructure. As a result we expect strong platform for continuing growth in our core businesses and on which to build our next phase of growth focused on international expansion.

For this reason we are confident about our future prospects both in short and long term. This comes from having a clear strategy, the right values, strong financial disciplines and dedicated teams throughout the Group focused at all times on our customers.

This approach will be the cornerstone of our future success.